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Get a free expertise for your Asian artefacts

Porcelain, prints, ivory, bronze, jade ..., describe precisely your items, take a few detailled pictures and our experts will give you an estimate.

Describe your artefacts*

Tell us more about the provenance of your items. Since when do you have it? Is it from a gallery or inherited from family? Let us know if they have already been seen by other experts.

Dimension of your items*

Please provide the dimension of your items (length, width, height). Do not include the dimension of the frame or base.

Photograph of your artwork

Take pictures of your items from diverse points of view.Is there any chip(s), signature and/or collection labels ? Please take pictures of any particularities.

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I am aware that the values and/or informations given as an answer to the estimate requests can‘t be considered as an expertise including the responsability of Ansas & Papillon. These values and/or the informations are given to the claimer only and can’t be communicated to a third party without any written agreement.

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