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How much does it cost for an expertise?
The expertise is free if you plan to sale your artwork by auctions. If you want to obtain an estimate or expertise for other situations, please contact us by sending an email to or by phone at 01 45 65 48 19.

How to get an evaluation of my artworks?
To obtain an expertise for your artworks, fill the estimate request form out by visiting the expertise page expertises of our site.

I can’t come to your office. Do you travel to see the artworks?
After a first examination of your pictures, we may need to confirm the evaluation by having the artworks in hands. In this case, we can plan a visit.

Do you buy artworks?
We do not buy objects, but we can advise you to find the best solution according your needs.

I can’t see properly the website. What can I do?
If you encounter a problem for viewing our website, it may be possible that your internet browser is not up to date or not compatible. The following list shows the main browsers available to see our website. For optimal viewing, we recommend using the latest versions. The links below will help you to download the latest updates.

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