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Sceau en Jade Néphrite céladon, Chine période Quianlong

Adjugée 2 800 000 €
17 Avril 2010

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Étude d’une rare pièce de jeu d’échecs



Les représentations du rat dans l’art asiatique



Étude d’un vase en porcelaine



We offer a stylistic study of your artworks to define their cultural and geographic origin (China, Japan, India, Burma). A first review of the dating and the condition of your artefacts will complete this expertise.


We will value your items based on the international market price. Precise and doc- umented, our expertise is not only useful for insurance, but also for a inheritance.


Our team offers advices to en- sure that the best solution to optimise and to accentuate your artworks is given. Moreo- ver, we are very active in the global Asian art market, in places like Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai. We built a great relationship with the best gal- leries and private collectors.


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Sculpture ronde bosse en bois doré

Adjugé 13300 €


Paravent à six feuilles en bois laqué polychrome

Adjugé 300000 €


Petit vase bouteille en...

Adjugé 85000 €


Grand brûle-parfum tripode en bronze doré

Adjugé 60000 €


Vase balustre en porcelaine

Adjugé 135000 €


Grande peinture horizontale

Adjugé 490000 €


Gourde à deux anses

Adjugé 43000 €


Écran à douze panneaux

Adjugé 175000 €


Plat en porcelaine

Adjugé 150000 €


Vase de forme balustre

Adjugé 18000 €


Présentoir floriforme en métal...

Adjugé 46500 €


Présentoir floriforme en métal partiellement doré

Adjugé 19000 €


Immortels taoistes célébrant l'anniversaire de la déesse Xi Wangmu

Adjugé 12300 €


Paire de plats en émaux polychromes

Adjugé 45000 €


Vase bouteille à long col...

Adjugé 36000 €


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Expertise office

Ansas & Papillon Expertise Of- fice directed by Anne Papillon d’Alton, is specialized in Asian artworks expertise. We are in constant collaboration with hundreds of French and inter- national auctioneers.

Our experts receive only by appointment. We can plan to visit you in France or abroad if necessary.

Until now, Ansas & Papillon Expertise Office has the high- est Asian art auction record in France by selling an imperial long scroll from Qianlong pe- riod for 22.2 million euros in Toulouse at Marc Labarbe Auction House on March 26th 2011.


Our team

Anne Papillon D'alton

Anne Papillon D'Alton


Anne Papillon d’Alton was 16 when she encountered the arts of Asia, when visiting, on a quite unexpected occasion, the Musée Guimet in Paris. It was a revelation, particularly the arts of Japan, which since then, hasn’t stopped fascinating her.

Some years later, she graduates from the Ecole du Louvre where she studied the arts of China and Japan, and from the Sorbonne’s history of art section. She then meets, in 1987, Jean-Claude Moreau- Gobard, one of the most important experts in asian art at the time, and works with him until 2004. In 1987, she also meets Pierre Ansas with whom she has been closely collaborating since 2004 for the expertise in asian arts.

Since then, although being an expert for the whole of the arts of Asia, where India, the Himalayas and South-East Asia stand alongside with China, Korea and Japan, she more and more tends towards specializing in the arts of Japan. In 2010, she joins the CEEA, European Chambers of Art Experts as a specialist in this field.

Wei Wang

Wei Wang

Specialist - Correspondent China

After studying the art market in the EAC school, Wei Wang joined the Ansas & Papillon office since 2012. Assisting the experts Pierre Ansas and Anne Papillon d’Alton, she does re- searches, especially in Chinese painting and calligraphy and manage the relationship with Chinese clients. In 2017, she completed her PHD degree in Science of information and communication from Panthéon-Assas university.

Marion Oliviero

Marion Oliviero


After her studies at the School of Louvre in Asian Arts specialities, Marion Oliviero turns to archaelogy. Graduated with a Licence to Art History and Archaeology at Sorbonne University, she receives a Master Degree in Chinese Archaeology in 2014. She has travelled to South Siberia and China to participate in many excavation expeditions. In 2016, she obtained an Art Market MBA at EAC in Paris. Since 2015 til present day she works in collaboration with the Specialist Office Ansas & Papillon.

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